Annual report 2012

Social responsibility


The Telekom Slovenije Group actively identifies opportunities to contribute to the development of society and the economic environment with its expertise and financial and other resources. The Group seizes those opportunities by promoting and developing positive effects for society that include supporting sporting, cultural, educational, humanitarian and environmental projects, the respect of human rights, the rejection of all forms of discrimination, a responsible attitude towards users and compliance with applicable laws and regulations. The Group facilitates users’ access to the most state-of-the-art ICT services that also ensure their mobility. 

Highlights in 2012

  • The Group promoted its positive effects on the local and wider social environment.
  • It continued to be one of the most visible sponsors in the environments in which it operates.
  • The Group supported projects in which it identified opportunities or possibilities to help the most vulnerable social groups and individuals. 

Telekom Slovenije demonstrates its social responsibility by:

  • including employees and their families in the Company’s activities;
  • supporting science and education;
  • supporting the functioning of Slovenian sports and culture;
  • supporting the most vulnerable social groups; and
  • supporting environmental protection.

The Group’s social responsibility is also demonstrated by supporting projects in which it identified opportunities or possibilities to help the most vulnerable social groups and individuals. However, our social effects are very wide-reaching, and are reported in the sections and subsections Responsibility to customers, Market communication, Responsibility to employees and Regulation of electronic communications. Therefore, only direct support via sponsorships and donations is presented below. Areas of activity, target groups and the extent of support for socially responsible projects were selected on the basis of the sponsorship and donation strategy of individual companies in the Group. To that end, we took into account the contribution of the individual project to the creation of added value for the Group’s users. A portion of funds are regularly earmarked for activities involving the Group’s employees.

The Group continues to be one of the most visible sponsors of and donators to sporting, cultural, educational, humanitarian and environmental projects. We maintained that level of support, despite the declining scope of funds, which amounted to EUR 3.75 million or 0.5 % of operating revenues in 2012. The Group’s support contributes to the development of various activities, while strengthening positive values and contributing to the quality of life.

Last year the Group linked its socially responsible role and focus on the user to the Olympic Games held in London. Through an extensive Olympic campaign, the Group supported values seen in the life and activities of top-flight Slovenian athletes, Olympic medal holders, world champions and other competitors. Those values include persistence, tenaciousness, teamwork, readiness for change and goal-orientation, values that Telekom Slovenije demonstrates in its operations.

Allocation of sponsorship funds by purpose