Annual report 2012

Responsibility for employees and related groups outside the workplace

The Telekom Slovenije Group provided support to employees in various ways, including leisure activities and activities outside the workplace. We devoted special attention to our employees’ children and pensioners.

Activities were carried out differently by individual companies, in accordance with their individual policies:   

  • sporting and social events were organised for employees;
  • at the end of the year gifts were prepared for the children of employees, and for minors and the school children of deceased employees, with some companies awarding scholarships;
  • solidarity assistance was paid in special social and health situations;
  • recreational activities were organised for employees by leasing various sporting facilities, while sports organisations functioning at Group companies were supported; 
  • the parent company earmarked grants in the form of sponsorships and donations via tender to organisations and associations in which the Group’s employees are members;
  • Telekom Slovenije pensioners clubs were supported;
  • we worked with the alpine climbing club of Pošta and Telekom; and
  • the purchase of discounted tickets for certain sporting and cultural events was facilitated.