Annual report 2012

Managing innovation

Promoting innovation is an integral part of Telekom Slovenije’s management by objectives process. During the annual measurement of the organisational climate, employees assessed as good opportunities to submit proposals for improvement.

Employees at the parent company may submit proposals for innovative ideas and improvements through the Brihta portal, which was upgraded during the second half of the year to ensure faster and more methodical processing. Positively assessed proposals are rewarded. The importance of activities to promote innovation can be seen in the near tripling of the number of proposals (an average of 30 proposals are received monthly). These include proposals that benefit the Company financially and useful proposals of a non-material nature that serve to improve the well-being of employees or to spread the Company’s good name in the environment.

Using the online Big Idea Box on the company’s website, employees at One can contribute ideas, suggestions or proposals for improvement and creative solutions to everyday problems. Employees at Ipko submit proposals at weekly meetings with management staff, similar to Aneks, but no special remuneration is envisaged.