Annual report 2012

Responsibility to employees


The Telekom Slovenije Group focuses on professional development, health and safety at work, the respect of human rights and work-life balance. This enhances employee satisfaction and makes for a good organisational climate which, according to the latest measurements, has improved at all Group companies. By regularly informing employees about services and activities on the market and by reinforcing their motivation, the Group is achieving a key objective from its human resource strategy linked to the re-engineering of business processes and improving labour productivity. 

Highlights in 2012

  • Number of employees maintained at the level of the previous year.
  • A significant increase in the scope of training: a 29 % increase in the number of training hours and a 30 % increase in the average number of training hours per employee.
  • Improved assessment of the organisational climate at all Group companies. The average assessment increased by 0.24 points, from 3.40 in 2011 to 3.64 in 2012. 
  • Establishment of the Modro jabolko (Wise Apple) portal at Telekom Slovenije, where employees find useful information regarding health and safety at work and activities in this area.
  • The briefing of employees on the latest developments relating to work, and about services, the Group’s offer and market activities.
  • Promotion of employee motivation through an organised system of remuneration, including material and non-material forms of motivation.