Annual report 2012

Responsibility for the security of buildings, systems, information and information technologies

Because it is conscious of the highly dynamic environment in which it operates and its exposure to various security risks, the Telekom Slovenije Group continues to develop and enhance corporate security. The Group’s security policy is an integral part of its business policy. We assess the Group’s safe work environment as a competitive advantage to which all employees contribute. On the basis of adopted annual plans, the main concern is for employee safety and for the security of the Company’s property, information technologies and business information.

Security policy implementation

The overall security policy represents an integral part of the management of individual business processes and management of the company as a whole. Through the quality implementation of sectoral security policies that are defined in organisational regulations, rules, instructions and plans, the Group ensured preventive measures and an active response to security incidents that could threaten the secure work environment or even cause damage to operations.

Building and system security

In line with plans, the Group continued to equip its facilities and systems with technical security systems last year. Special attention was also given to the security of systemically significant technological premises. Through the continuous search for synergy effects from various forms of security (in line with the Company’s business policy), the Group rationally reduced security costs. Through employee training, we spread the culture of security, which is becoming an integral part of the Group’s business culture.

Security of information and information technologies

With regard to the security of information and information technologies, the Group continued to standardise measures and procedures that are based on the assessment of risks in individual business processes. We improved and standardised procedures in the handling of personal data and data regarding telecommunications traffic. Special emphasis was placed on recording security risks in information technologies, and the associated security of trade secrets and business information. The Group also continued to develop its business continuity concept and updated the associated plans, thereby ensuring operating conditions in extraordinary circumstances.