Annual report 2012

Quality systems

In addition to internal audit and management reviews, external audit are a key mechanism for the independent verification of quality management systems. The majority of the audits were carried out in the last quarter of the year 2012. 

Avtenta performed well in all audits (ISO 9001 and 27001, and, while GVO passed an external audit of its integrated ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 management system.

At the parent company, activities are in progress to formalise the business continuity system (now the new SIST ISO 22301 standard), while requirements from information management recommendations (SIST IEC ISO 27001) will only be included in related activities. The Group has not yet opted for formal certification, while the same is true for the ICT service management system, SIST IEC ISO 20000. An internal environmental audit of locations Novo Mesto, Krško, Sevnica, Kranj and Škofja Loka was carried out.  We also drafted a programme to train internal business excellence assessors according to the EFQM model at the end of the year in line with AUKN guidelines, with the aim of upgrading the implementation of quality management systems according to ISO recommendations within the Telekom Slovenije Group.

The Management Board of Telekom Slovenije adopted an updated waste management plan that is line with the latest regulation. A new  national electronic waste record system will require an even more intensive re-engineering of the comprehensive system for separate waste collection by location. Encouraging in that respect are the positive past experiences with both contracted partners in this area.