Annual report 2012

Sales and marketing activities on the markets of South-Eastern Europe

In Macedonia , One introduced a new mobile internet service with a high volume of data transfer included in packages. The company offered prepaid mobile telephony users the DžaBest service with the cheapest prepaid SIM card. Services were supported by comprehensive communication campaigns that focused on the key target interests, life style and wishes of consumers.

In the subscriber segment, the company offered several new and attractive promotional offers for long calls, SMS and MMS, the internet and mobile communications, with the transfer of data at speeds of up to 14.4 Mbps. Benefits were offered to new subscribers, for the extension of subscriptions and, for the first time, during the holiday season.

A new campaign was launched in the fixed telephony segment that offers free calls with two or three fixed numbers of the user’s choice. The promotion of the triple play package (fixed voice telephony, internet and TV) was enhanced with an offer for all new subscribers, who received a Boom TV communicator free of charge.

One and Digi Plus Multimedia recorded an increase in operating revenues of 7 % relative to 2011. Revenues from inter-operator services, which account for more than one third of all operating revenues, were up by one fifth. In the mobile segment, fierce competition, price sensitivity and the migration of users continue.

In Kosovo , Ipko introduced several new innovations in the mobile telephony segment. Pika is the first loyalty programme in Kosovo for private users based on the accumulation of points. Also introduced was the sub-brand hej! pse po pret? intended for young people between the ages of 16 and 28 who represent the largest age group in Kosovo. At the same time, hej! is a comprehensive platform that covers youth engagement and entertainment through a specific-purpose portal, a Facebook page and specially developed applications. The company introduced the 1000 package for new subscribers, which provides free call minutes, SMS or data transfer. 

In the broadband services segment, the company presented the highest internet speed on the market for the residential segment with two additional internet packages. It also expanded its range of digital TV packages with the possibility of a three-month subscription for Premium HD and DUO Premium HD packages, which include more than 100 channels. Based on customer demand, packages were upgraded with Turkish TV channels.

Ipko generated operating revenues of EUR 69.5 million, a decrease of 1 % on 2011. Revenues from incoming mobile traffic and broadband services were lower. The main reason for the decline in revenues from incoming mobile traffic was alternative forms of communication (Skype, Viber, etc.) and the constant increase in the number of WiFi networks (in coffee shops). The reason for the decline in broadband services lies primarily in the aggressive market approach of the competition, which offers higher speeds at the same price. On the positive side, the number of mobile subscribers is rising on a market where the majority of users are prepaid.