Annual report 2012

Market communication

The Company’s market communication was characterised by several new features in packages and services, operations in a difficult economic environment and the distinct market communication activities of some competitors. We continued to employ the standard market communication approach established following the merger of Telekom Slovenije and Mobitel in 2011. A total of 70 market communication campaigns were executed. The quality and reputation of the Company’s reputation and its brands were confirmed again in 2012 with the receipt of numerous recognitions (see Section 1.6).

At the corporate level, we executed the campaign Z vsem srcem (Wholeheartedly), the background of which was the Olympic Games in London. The aim was to build on the original post-merger campaign Lepo je biti skupaj (It’s Nice to be Together) from 2011 and to strengthen the Telekom Slovenije’s image on the basis of its mission, vision and values. Many activities were aimed at business users, including small enterprises and sole traders.

Telekom Slovenije also focuses many activities on business users ranging from the largest all the way to the broad SOHO (small office/home office) segment and sole traders. That segment was addressed with communication activities that, instead of actors, featured our “ambassadors”, i.e. the users of the Group’s services from all over Slovenia.

Communication about SiOL broadband services included the introduction of new features in the range of products and services, supported by special offers. We promoted three packages during the first half of the year via market advertising campaigns: TopTrio, TopTrio Mini and the new online TV service, SiOL TViN. September saw an exclusive new feature in the SiOL TV offer – the possibility of viewing UEFA Champions League matches on SiOL TV and via the SiOL TViN service.

The range of Mobitel brands was presented: 

  • through the Prebudimo pomlad (Waking up Spring) campaign, the continuation of the Skupaj smo najmočnejše omrežje (Together We Make a Stronger Network) campaign, the 2013 package campaign and Olympic discounts;
  • through the Penzion plus (Pension Plus) package for older users and the original Moj Plus (My Plus) application, which simplifies the use of smart phones for older users;
  • through various campaigns and other activities for the Instant Internet package and other mobile services;
  • through market communication activities for the ITAK brand for young users, which included the new slogan “Viva la Itak”, through a competition for the selection of six ambassadors to film the Viva la Itak spot, through sales campaigns for smart mobile phones and through socially responsible projects such as Itak Job, in which we help young people in the battle for their first job in cooperation with the employment portal, and through events for young people; and
  • by supporting the range of Mobi services for prepaid users with packages for younger and older users, new Mobi packages, etc.

A wide range of tools was used in market communication activities. These tools included advertising via traditional media channels (TV, radio, print, outdoor advertising, etc.), online advertising, the execution of or presence at various business, sporting, education and socially responsible events, printed materials, catalogues, direct mailing and promotions. To that end we also ensured the efficient management and use of the Company’s website.

We continued and strengthened our presence in social networks. The Facebook pages of Telekom Slovenije, SiOL, Mobitel, Itak, XOBI and Champions League on SiOL TV together already have more than 165,000 fans. Mobitel joined the SiOL brand on Twitter, with the number of followers exceeding 3,200 by the end of the year. The, and websites recorded more than 11.6 million visits, 3.8 million visitors and more than 57.4 million page views.

Telekom Slovenije, GVO and TSmedia are signatories of the Slovenian Advertising Code, of which there were no breaches. Compliance with the provisions of the aforementioned code is verified regularly, for all marketing activities. There were also no breaches of other legislation governing market communication.  

The subsidiaries One, Ipko and Aneks also act in an ethical and highly professional manner in the area of advertising.