Annual report 2012

Systems integration and cloud computing

Slovenia is considered one of the most developed countries in the ICT sector, as investments in this area are aimed at services and not at purchases of material equipment. The economic crisis, which has had a significant impact on IT companies in Slovenia, has been reflected in particular in the disproportionate lowering of prices by service providers and in a contraction in IT investments and costs. The decline in revenues and profitability at major competitors continues. The cloud computing market is exceptionally fragmented, as the top four IT companies, including Avtenta, together only hold a 15% share of the market.

Investments in recent years have focused primarily on solutions that bring a rapid return on investments or reduce operating costs (e.g. the optimisation of business processes, the consolidation of IT equipment and virtualisation). These are areas that Avtenta has well covered. Its solutions are therefore expected to be even more accessible to and needed by users. We also expect growth in Avtenta’s revenues on the market outside the Telekom Slovenije Group and an increase in the scope of services.