Annual report 2012

Market and market shares in key service segments


Telekom Slovenije maintained the highest overall market share on the Slovenian market, but recorded a decline in market shares of between 1.5 and 2.3 percentage points in all key segments. The reason lies in the price pressures exerted by alternative operators. Telekom Slovenije fights back against those pressures by offering a high-quality range of content and new services.

Other leading operators in Europe are faced with a declining share of the fixed broadband access market. The average market share of leading EU operators was 43 % at the beginning of 2012, when Telekom Slovenije’s market share was at a similar level, at 42 %.

Telekom Slovenije achieves an above-average market share of the mobile telephony segment compared with other leading operators in Europe (end of 2012: Telekom Slovenije – 50.3 %; EU average – 37 %).

Number of connections in Slovenia


Source: SORS Q3 2012

Market shares by key segment at the end of 2012 



Fixed broadband access

Household broadband penetration stood at 68.8 % in Slovenia at the end of 2012. There were a total of 510,000 broadband connections, 86 % of which were residential connections. Slowed growth continued: the number of connections was up by 30,000 in 2010, by 25,000 in 2011, while growth was even lower in 2012. Telekom Slovenije maintained its share of the broadband connection market, while Telemach replaced T-2 in second place.

Increased speed is characteristic of fixed broadband connections, as the result of higher basic speeds in packages, which were increased by operators in the last year, while higher speeds were also facilitated by the increase in the proportion of FTTH technologies (fibre optic networks). At the end of 2012 there were nearly 90,000 active fibre optic connections in Slovenia, or 17.3 % of all connections. The number of fibre optic connections was up 12.7 % over the course of one year. Telekom Slovenije had slightly more than 32,000 FTTH connection users at the end of the year. T-2 and Amis also offer their services on Telekom Slovenije’s fibre optic network.

Television market

According to estimates, 78 % of households use pay TV, while only 1 % of households do not have any television. IPTV already accounts for 44 % of all pay TV connection, but growth is slowing. Cable TV has been in decline since 2009 and accounts for slightly less than half of all TV connections. Telekom Slovenije held a 56.5 % share of the IPTV market at the end of the third quarter of 2012, and is followed by T-2 and Amis.

Mobile telephony market

In 2012 the number of active users was up by nearly 30,000 on the end of 2011, with a penetration rate of 109.1 %. The number of users is increasing primarily on account of dual SIM cards, the number of which is rising due to growth in data services.

Telekom Slovenije continues to maintain its leading market share in the mobile telephony segment. Tušmobil made the biggest gain in the last year (of 1.1 percentage points). New operators have entered the market (Telemach and Amis), while T-2 is slowly making headway on account of packages that contain mobile telephony.

Telekom Slovenije’s share of the mobile telephony market


Source: Report for 4th quarter of 2012, APEK.