Annual report 2012

Management of the brand portfolio

The strength of the Telekom Slovenije brand is one of the key competitive advantages of the Company and the entire Group. Through clear content and systematic communication, we are also strengthening the brands of subsidiaries (Avtenta, GVO, One, Ipko,, Soline and others). At the Telekom Slovenije Group level, we introduced certain innovations relating to services and product brands, while changes were also made to the corporate image of certain subsidiaries.

Important activities:

  • the drafting of an electronic manual regarding Telekom Slovenije’s overall corporate identity and the corporate identity of the converged Telekom Slovenije brand;
  • the drafting of an electronic manual regarding corporate identity for mobile applications;
  • the branding of cloud services for business users;
  • the WiFreeLjubljana brand to distinguish Ljubljana’s free WiFi network;
  • the TSstartup brand that we created for the business incubator in the scope of the project bearing the same name;
  • changes in the corporate identity of Avtenta, which was renamed in 2012;
  • in addition to Avtenta’s corporate and service brand, the introduction of the service brand for cloud computing business solutions and the Avtent.iqt service brand covering education and training;
  • the introduction of the Planet TV brand at the subsidiary TSmedia, the introduction of the new 1977 call centre brand and the transfer of management of the ADpartner online advertising brand; and
  • standardisation of the corporate identity of SiOL companies (Zagreb, Podgorica and Sarajevo) that were established for the purpose of building a regional fibre optic network.

Telekom Slovenije manages 24 brands. Companies in Slovenia manage 40 brands, while 50 brands are managed at the Telekom Slovenije Group level.


Brand/product Description Description of service/note Market Market
01_ts.png Corporate brand used in communications with all stakeholder groups. As the corporate brand, it covers the entire portfolio of the Company’s services, and is primarily used for communication with investors, employees and the media. private business
pticek.png Above all, the modernised “bird” logo represents the convergent brand, and also covers the services previously marketed under the Telekom Slovenije brand. Subscriber services private business
02_siol.png Service brand that covers SiOL’s range of broadband services Subscriber services private business
03_mobitel.png Service brand that covers Mobitel’s range of mobile services Subscriber services private business
mobi.png Service brand that covers the segment of Mobi users Prepaid services private  
itak.png Service brand that covers the segment of Itak users Subscriber services private  
04_moneta.png Co-owned service brand that covers cashless payment services with mobile phones. Value added services   B2B business sales


M:Vrata (M:Portal): WEB/SMS/MMS deliverer, televoting, mobile portal roaming, call centre and call portal Value added services   B2B business sales
05_modra_st.png Smart Number, Click to Call service and 090 service Value added services   business
integral.png Service sub-brand for push email Paid services private business
mmedij.png M:Medij (M:Media): comprehensive solution for mobile advertising Paid services   B2B business sales
mobilna_tv.png Supplementary mobile services Paid services private business
06_neo_wlan.png Neo WLAN Data services private business
instant_internet.png Instant Internet Data services private business
hotel_tisa.png Sub-brand of Telekom Slovenije's tourist capacities Hotel private  
  Storitve_v_oblaku.png Cloud services Brand for services that are easily accessible via the internet, and are adapted to the needs of a company and payable based on usage. The brand is used by all Telekom Slovenije Group companies.   business
  TS-startup.png TSstartup Business incubator   business
  WiFreeLjubljana_LOGO_PRIMARNI_RGB.png WiFreeLjubljana Common brand PPP – public-private partnership (City of Ljubljana, Telekom Slovenije and NIL) Used for free WiFi network services private business
  TSmedia.png Corporate brand Corporate brand private business
  PS_primarni_RGB.png Planet Convergent media on five screens private business
  PTV_izvlecek-1.png Planet TV General commercial television station, primarily aimed at viewers aged 18 to 49 (started on 18 September 2012) private business
07_najdisi.png Online service (central information point) private business
1188.png 1188 Value added call centre services private business
08_tis.png Slovenian telephone directory Universal telephone directory private business
bizi.png Online business directory   business


Dkino Video on demand brand private  


Dajmedol Video on demand brand (not yet registered, but generates some revenues) private  
  1977_logo.png 1977 Service brand for a call centre where information is provided and reservations accepted 24/7 (events, business hours, schedules, placements, etc.). private  
  AVTENTA_logo_RGB_barvni.png Corporate and service brand As a corporate brand, it represents advanced business solutions in the area of information and communication technology (ICT). It also acts as a service brand for systems integration and for the external provision of information and communication infrastructure services.   business
  NOW_logo_RGB_barvni.png A brand that combines solutions for anyone who wants to manage and access a business environment, any time, anywhere.   business
  IQT_logo_RGB_barvni.png Avtenta.iqt A brand that represents ICT training programmes that are based on personal contact and programmes adapted to the individual.   business
gvo.png Comprehensive services in the area of designing, constructing and maintaining telecommunication and electricity networks. Umbrella brand   business
piranske_soline.png Soline salt production Umbrella brand private business
09_solnce.png Solnce (salt cellar) Food line private business
lepa_vida.png Lepa Vida (Beautiful Look) Cosmetic line private business
kpss.png Sečovlje Saltpans Regional Park Logo for the park and related eco-tourism used on park souvenirs private business



Brands and services of companies in South-Eastern Europe + Gibtelecom
Country/company Brand/product Description Products/services Market Market
Kosovo  - Ipko 01_ipko.png Corporate brand that covers the entire portfolio of the company’s services, used in communications with users, the media and other publics mobile telephony (GSM), mobile data transfer (GPRS/EDGE/WiFi points), internet, fixed telephony (VoIP), bandwidth leasing, network interconnection, digital cable TV, convergent services (packages of services), web portal (news and entertainment), email solutions private business
  Hej!.png Sub-brand of prepaid hej! services mobile telephony (GSM), mobile data transfer (GPRS/EDGE/WiFi points), mobile applications (Andriod iOS), own Facebook applications private  
Macedonia – One 02_one.png Corporate brand that covers the entire portfolio of the company’s services, used in communications with users, the media and other publics            mobile telephony (GSM/UMTS), mobile data transfer (GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSDPA), internet, fixed telephony (PSTN, ISDN, VoIP), bandwidth leasing, network interconnection, convergent services (packages of services), email solutions, online roaming, domain registration, mobile portal – WAP (live TV – mobile TV, news and entertainment, FunDial – ring-back tones) private business
03_onnet.png Web portal brand web portal – news and entertainment private  
  Boom.png TV service brand Digital video broadcasting (DVB-T) private  
  DzaBest.png Sub-brand of prepaid DžaBest packages mobile telephony (GSM, UMTS, SMS, MMS, WAP, VMS), mobile data transfer (GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSDPA) private  
Bosnia and Herzegovina – Aneks   Aneks.png Aneks – corporate brand broadband internet, fixed telephony, and analogue and digital TV private business

blicADSL, blicTV, blicTEL, blic combination packages


Blicnet – service brand internet, fixed telephony (VoIP), operator selection/pre-selection, bandwidth leasing, network interconnection, cable TV, convergent services (packages of services), online roaming, web design, email solutions, domain registration, integrated solutions private business
Albania – Primo 04_primo.png Corporate brand internet, fixed telephony, bandwidth leasing, network interconnection, online roaming, server roaming, collocations, email solutions, domain registration private business
Gibraltar  - Gibtelecom*   gibtelecom-logo.png National electronic communications operator fixed telephony, internet and mobile telephony private business