Annual report 2012

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction – fixed services

SiOL subscriber satisfaction is measured by Telekom Slovenije twice a year. The results serve as an important basis for developing and improving products that are tailor-made for the user.

An increase was noted in customer satisfaction with all SiOL services (SiOL internet, SiOL telephony and SiOL TV). Users still state as one reason the campaign Pospešujemo Slovenijo (Speeding Up Slovenia), in which we offered higher internet access speeds to all users at unchanged prices in 2011. With regard to SiOL TV, users are most satisfied with SiOL BOX and SiOL TViN, which facilitate tailor-made viewing, any time, any place. SiOL TV had the most significant impact on overall satisfaction. We will therefore continue to take into account the wishes and needs of users in the future, and improve the SiOL TV user experience. SiOL users asses Telekom Slovenije as a well-known operator with a vast network and a stably functioning internet, and as an operator that responds quickly when services malfunction.

Customer satisfaction – mobile telephony

The satisfaction of users of mobile telephony is relatively stable. Similar to previous years, around 80 % of users are satisfied, with a slight upward trend. Users state the best network and the most extensive group of users as the reason for selecting Mobitel. The mobile internet enjoys an even better position: users believe it functions in the best network, provides the highest speeds and offers the best services.

Customer satisfaction – multimedia content

Customer responses are monitored daily on the Planet portal and other portals using statistics and the collection of users’ opinions. Major research is conducted at least once a year for the majority of products, while research among business partners (advertisers) is also carried out at least once a year. The Group does not carry out standard measurements of satisfaction due to the extremely varied portfolio of products and methodologies and because various target groups are involved, making the results irrelevant.

Customer satisfaction at companies in South-Eastern Europe

Ipko conducts quantitative research of customer satisfaction once a year for the mobile and fixed telephony segments. Measurements in 2012 indicated a relatively high level of customer satisfaction and loyalty, which stood at 4.2 on a scale of 1 to 5. One does not conduct customer satisfaction research.

Aneks monitors customer satisfaction via the number of monthly complaints and interventions. The number of complaints and interventions are up together with the increase in the number of users.