Annual report 2012

Sales and marketing

The Group’s sales policy in 2012 was oriented to offering a comprehensive range of ICT services and solutions for all segments. Activities were carried out to attract new and maintain existing customers. These also included targeted sales and a segmented offer, and activities aimed at maintaining or increasing the satisfaction of users and improving the user experience.

Through a number of new features in the range of state-of-the-art technologies and services, the Group provided users simple services and access to the same advanced and high-quality services, without regard to the devices they use (TV, tablet and laptop computers, smart phones, etc.). 

Highlights in 2012

  • Strengthening of brands to maintain their competitive advantages.
  • Focus on fixed and mobile broadband services that facilitate user mobility and adaptation to the user’s needs.
  • Enhancement of mobile internet services.
  • Introduction of the right-of-use principle, which provides for a decrease in data transfer speed if a usage threshold is exceeded, without additional costs to the user.
  • Development and offer of comprehensive communications for business users, with a combination of fixed and mobile communications and cloud computing services. 
  • Increased user satisfaction with SiOL services (SiOL internet, SiOL telephony and SiOL TV).