Annual report 2012

Support for ongoing operations (changes/improvements/operations)

  • Support for the introduction of new services and marketing campaigns: a number of changes to systems for the execution of sales campaigns and the introduction of new services and products in the fixed and mobile segments.
  • Support associated with the requirements of the regulatory body and the requirements of open broadband networks: adaptation and optimisation of information support for order fulfilment processes.
  • Changes to solutions for calculating fixed services: introduction of the near-real-time valuation of calls with the processing of data several times a day, which facilitates the constant monitoring of changes, the technological reduction of the number of faults and their rapid identification, and thus increases the security of subscribers.
  • Standardisation of calculation processes in commercial and technical terms for a more rapid calculation and the correction of possible errors. A major effect will be achieved with the consolidation of the broadband calculation with the fixed telephony calculation (Phoenix project).
  • Upgrading of the centralised prepaid system to mobile services for more flexible charging and the simpler implementation of the roaming of other operators.
  • Changes to the solution for calculating mobile and data services following the right-of-use principle via a centralised system for monitoring and controlling use.
  • Changes to and the integration of the mobile CRM with other back-office solutions for the uniform treatment of data regarding a customer and its services.
  • Continuous upgrading of the software environment versions of back-office solutions.