Annual report 2012

Network, technology and IT


The convergent core network was upgraded and its functional reliability enhanced. Objectives remain the improvement of cost efficiency, ensuring optimal functionality and employee development. We achieved all key indicators relating to the management of access devices for fixed services, transfer systems, electromechanical devices and real estate used for technological purposes. We implemented measures to improve energy efficiency and continued to comply in full with requirements regarding electromagnetic radiation. We continued to enhance development activities and introduced a new concept for developing prototypes that will facilitate the more rapid development of advanced solutions. 

Highlights in 2012

  • New activities to optimise and standardise the convergent core network at the Group level to facilitate development, enhance purchasing power and lower operating costs. We reduced costs by 10%, and consolidated and optimised operational teams for stand-by at home. 
  • In addition to modernising and upgrading the fixed access network, we prepared a study for the upgrading of the existing network with the less expensive combination of a shortened copper loop (FTTH+VDSL2), fibre optic FTTH networks and the construction of open base stations, which would facilitate the achievement of Digital Agenda objectives.
  • The development of advanced solutions and new research and development projects such as the project to develop Smart Grids for the eBADGE project.
  • Successful completion of the first generation of the TSstartup business incubator, with the participation of 11 out of the 78 teams that applied. 
  • The continued replacement of air conditioning devices, the reconstruction of electricity systems and the implementation of measures to reduce electricity consumption.
  • Full compliance with requirements relating to the strength of electromagnetic radiation.