Annual report 2012

21. Current financial assets

EUR thousand  2012 2011
Other loans 35,197 32,799
Other current financial assets 4 52
Other current financial assets 50,311 11,067
Total current financial assets 85,512 43,918

Other loans include EUR 24,097 thousand in loans extended to subsidiaries including the short-term portion of long-term loans and interest. As for the loan structure, 68.5% refer to subsidiaries, whereas the remaining share of loans relates to others. Loans extended to companies operating in Slovenia bear interest at the rate stipulated by the Rules on the Recognised Rate of Interest, ranging between 1.27% and 2.82%. Loans granted in 2012 to subsidiaries abroad are subject to the weighted annual interest rate, applied by the parent company, and increased by a premium relating to credit risk pursuant to the internal manual, which ranges between 4.97% and 5.2%.

The interest rate applied for loans extended ranges between 3.70% and 4.04%.

Loans extended are secured by blank bills of exchange, by assignment of existing and future receivables or by liens on movable property and real estate.