Annual report 2012

Data and explanations related to the Mergers and Acquisitions Act

There were no changes in content related to mergers and acquisitions legislation. The following situation was recorded at 31 December 2012: 

  • There were no changes in the structure of Telekom Slovenije’s share capital. 
  • All TLSG shares were freely transferable.
  • Telekom Slovenije did not hold any securities providing special controlling rights, nor did it place limits on voting rights.
  • The Company was not aware of any agreements between shareholders that might place any limits on the transfer of securities or voting rights.
  • Management had no powers to issue or purchase treasury shares.
  • The Company's rules on the appointment and replacement of members of management bodies, and regarding amendments to the Articles of Association and the powers of management are set out in the Articles of Association.

The Company had two shareholders with a significant direct holding of its securities (i.e. a qualifying holding of 5% or more of voting rights) on 31 December 2012. They were the Republic of Slovenia with 4,087,569 shares, representing 62.54 % of the Company's share capital and Kapitalska družba with 365,175, representing 5.59 % of share capital.

Treasury shares

The Company held 30,000 treasury shares as at 31 December 2012, representing 0.46 % of equity. The number of treasury shares has remained unchanged since their acquisition in 2003.