Annual report 2012

Strategic guidelines and objectives of the Telekom Slovenije Group

Adaptations to changes in the economic and social environment have dictated the updating of the Telekom Slovenije Group’s strategic plan in which its strategic objectives and guidelines were defined for the period 2012 to 2016.

The focus of operations in 2012 was in line with the strategic objectives of the updated strategy, while certain important activities and measures were carried out. 

Strategic objectives and their realisation in 2012

Strategic objective until 2016 Steps in 2012
  • Defend Telekom Slovenije’s market shares in current services.
  • Significantly increase revenue from new services.
  • Become the leading provider of ICT services.
  • Share of the fixed broadband access market was down 2 percentage points, while the number of IPTV, VoIP and mobile telephony connections was up.
  • New services are currently brining fewer revenues, but the Group is searching for opportunities by developing new models and entering into new partnerships. The Group therefore entered into a strategic partnership with Antenna Group, a leading European media company, with the aim of managing and developing commercial television.
  • Become the leader in advertising, and digital media and application monetisation.
  • Continued development of digital media and the establishment of the Group’s own TV station, Planet TV (TSmedia).
  • Achieve profitable growth in South-Eastern Europe.
  • International wholesale growth.
  • The Macedonian company One recorded a 7 % increase in operating revenues, while Ipko in Kosovo recorded a decline of 1 %. A net loss was generated, but measures for improvement are being implemented.
  • Growth was recorded in the proportion of revenues accounted for by the international wholesale segment (from 17 % to 18.5 %).
  • Optimise costs and establish cost competitiveness.
  • Remain the leader in the technology and network segment.
  • The process of restructuring and optimisation, which continues, brought significant savings in 2011 and 2012, estimated at EUR 35 million.
  • Numerous upgrades and improvements in the convergent core network, fixed access and the radial network.
  • Modernisation of international exchanges and support.
  • Upgrading of the mobile network with fourth generation Long Term Evolution (LTE) mobile services technology that facilitates high speed data transfers.  
  • Increase in labour productivity.
  • Restructuring from a technology oriented to a sales and
  • Service-oriented company.
  • Proportion of employees included in training was increased to 90.2 %.
  • New features in the range of services and the strengthening of sales activities through targeted sales, a segmented offer and the introduction of new sales channels.
  • Transform the Telekom Slovenije Group into a regional telecommunications operator.
  • The Group continued with its strategic corporate governance project and is drafting minimum corporate governance standards to be approved by the Management Board.
  • Ensure quality, business excellence, and sustainable development.
  • The Group has upgraded quality systems, promoted positive social change by supporting socially responsible projects and meeting key environmental objectives.