Annual report 2012

Communication with stakeholders

In communicating with key stakeholders, Telekom Slovenije takes into account the bases set out in its adopted communications strategy, which represents an integral part of the Group’s Corporate Governance Policy. The aforementioned policy dictates long-term, focused, systematic, proactive and two-way communication with key stakeholders, with whom Telekom Slovenije builds, maintains and constantly enhances relations.

Communication includes internal communication with employees and with external publics such as shareholders, users, regulatory and government bodies, suppliers and other business partners, analysts, the media and the local and wider communities. Telekom Slovenije also reports on it communications with individual groups of stakeholders in sections that comprehensively address responsibility to employees, investors/shareholders, suppliers and the local and wider communities. 

Communication with the media

Telekom Slovenije gives special attention at all times to the media, editors and journalists and strives for mutually open relations. It uses various tools of the public relations profession for that purpose. The media is regularly informed about the latest technical-technological, service and commercial developments. Taking into account the importance of the subject matter, the Group prepares regular informal and formal meetings with journalists, press conferences and other events. Frequently personal meetings are held with editors and journalists, who are also briefed on the Company’s operations at regular quarterly press conferences, through mandatory publications on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange’s website and via special press releases. Journalists’ questions are answered as received, or by no later than the legally prescribed deadline.

Highly professional relations are maintained with media outlets, editors and journalists, which can be seen in media reports. More than 10,000 articles regarding the Telekom Slovenije Group were published, while the number of articles containing the key words “Telekom Slovenije” was up 20% on 2011. Nearly 60% of articles in which Telekom Slovenije was mentioned were positive. The aforementioned articles related to topics such as operating results, the Planet TV commercial television station, the TSstartup business incubator and the official launch of the LTE network. A total of 12.4% of all articles were negative, touching on topics such as the General Meeting, the receipt of a decision from the Competition Protection Office regarding the Itak Džabest package and the sale of the government’s stake in Telekom Slovenije. The majority or 57% of all articles were published in online media.

An analysis of media articles indicates that the following topics received the most media coverage in 2012: operations and operating results, investments and development, new services and technologies and the latest developments in sales. Communications on corporate topics were handled by the parent company, while Group companies communicate independently regarding all other topics, according to the principles that apply to the entire Group.

Communication with regulatory and government bodies

The Post and Electronic Communications Agency (APEK) and similar bodies in countries in which Group companies operate are deemed significant stakeholders, as the field of telecommunications is one of the most regulated sectors of the economy. The competent ministries and other government bodies also play an important role, particularly in terms of legislation.

The Telekom Slovenije Group ensures strict compliance with applicable regulations, recommendations and decisions of regulatory bodies and responds with sound expert arguments, as necessary. Through their expert proposals, Group companies in various countries play an active part in the process of drafting legislation in the field of electronic communications (primarily in Slovenia and Macedonia in 2012).