Annual report 2012

Inclusion of stakeholders and reporting principles

Key stakeholder groups and strategies for communication and cooperating with those groups are defined in Telekom Slovenije’s Corporate Governance Policy. Cooperation with stakeholders and their inclusion in the Group’s activities are based on recognised mutual influence and interests. In its operations, the Group ensures sustainable, balanced compliance with the cornerstones of its corporate responsibility: the economic aspect, a responsible attitude to others (buyers, users, employees and other interest groups) and care for the natural environment. 

    →  Developments in 2012  
Stakeholders What is most important to them? How are they included?
  • Relevant and timely information for existing and future shareholder
  • Operations that facilitate the payment of dividends.
  • Effective corporate governance.

Regular and comprehensive communication with existing and potential shareholders:

  • roadshows,
  • Investor Relations section of the Company’s website,
  • publications for shareholders,
  • broadcasting of the General Meeting over the internet, and
  • communication with the financial media, SEOnet.

New strategic guidelines for corporate communication with investors and analysts.

  • High-quality and technologically advanced services.
  • The best value for an appropriate price.
  • Advanced services that facilitate speed, flexibility and mobility.
  • A reliable, stable and far-reaching network.
  • Simple and prompt communication with the Company.

Communication with users regarding new services and technologies.
Personal contact with highly-trained professionals.


→  New technologies and methods for communication to assist users.
→  Website for testing new services before their commercial launch.
→  New services and applications to increase mobility (SiOL, TViN, the LTE network).
→  Monitoring of user satisfaction at all key contact points with users (physical and electronic).
  • Career development opportunities
  • Acquisition of the latest knowledge.
  • Remuneration linked to the achievement of business objectives.
  • Professional and effective management.

Creating a culture of mutual trust, respect, continuous learning and efficient and responsible work. Material and non-material forms of motivation.
Briefing of employees on business events within the Group.
Cooperation with the Works Council and trade unions.


→  Improving the organisational climate at all Group companies.
→  New selection of key perspective employees at Telekom Slovenije and TSmedia, and the introduction of a similar system at Ipko and One.
→  Increase in the number of training hours per employee.
Suppliers and other business partners
  • Respect of business agreements.
  • Consistent settlement of liabilities.
  • Clear supplier selection criteria.

Establishment of long-term relationships and strategic partnerships with suppliers.


→  Increased transparency of ordering with centralised responsibilities for procurement processes at Telekom Slovenije.
→  Introduction of standard procurement processes at subsidiaries

Regulatory and state bodies (APEK and similar agencies on other markets, the government, etc.)

  • Compliance with regulations and decisions of the regulatory body.
  • Provision of high-quality access to telecommunication services.

Expert responses to the decisions of the regulatory body.
Participation in the drafting of legislation.


→  Initiatives in the process of drafting electronic communications acts in Slovenia and Kosovo.
→  Participation in public consultations.
Analysts and other financial publics
  • Comprehensive and continuous information regarding current and future operations.

Presentations and meetings attended by the President or member of the Management Board responsible for finance, TLSG newsletter, press conferences.


→  New strategic guidelines for corporate communication with investors and analysts.
  • Information regarding the latest business developments.

Regular press conferences, notification about new services and products, press breakfasts, press releases.
Access to the Management Board and the Company’s experts for statements and interviews.

Local and wider community
  • Support for sports, culture, science and humanitarian causes.
  • Access to broadband and mobile services.
  • Limitation of impacts on the environment.
  • Responsible expansion of the infrastructure (broadband network and base stations).

Regular support of sports, culture, science and humanitarian causes with an emphasis on socially responsible projects.
Assessment of environmental impacts as a mandatory element of the Group’s development programmes.


→  We remain one of the most visible supporters in the local and wider community.
→  Increase in the scope of investments in fixed assets by 39 % relative to 2011, the majority being accounted for by investments in networks and the remainder in new services.