Annual report 2012

Established brands

The Group’s key brands, Telekom Slovenije, SiOL and Mobitel, are among the best known brands in Slovenia. All of the aforementioned brands received the Trusted Brand award in 2012 as the most trustworthy brands in their respective categories. The Ipko, One and brands are also gaining in strength on their respective markets in South-Eastern Europe. 

The Telekom Slovenije Group manages a total of 50 brands, 40 of which belong to companies in Slovenia (of that amount, 23 are Telekom Slovenije brands). In line with its marketing strategy, the Group is consolidating brands by transferring strength and value to key selected brands that comprehensively cover selected market segments.

The core “Telekom Slovenije” corporate brand is combined in corporate market communications with three service brands (the bird logo, SiOL and Mobitel). All three appear equally and serve a support function, while each is also used independently to cover their respective range of services.

The corporate image of the subsidiary Avtenta was updated in April. The composite logo of the Telekom Slovenije Group thus received a new image, and appears in Slovene and English variations.