Annual report 2012

Commitments and membership in associations

Telekom Slovenije is a member of numerous professional organisations and associations. Group companies are also independent members of various organisations. The Group’s employees are active members of individual management boards, professional and strategic councils, honorary tribunals and other bodies of the aforementioned organisations.


  • Electrotechnical Association of Slovenia,
  • INIS – Institute for Non-Ionising Radiation for the Forum EMS project (information regarding electromagnetic radiation),
  • Go6 – Slovenian IPv6 Initiative,
  • ICT Technology Network,
  • Institute for Labour Relations and Social Security and the Commercial Law Institute in Maribor,
  • Institute for Labour Law at the University of Ljubljana's Faculty of Law,
  • Slovenian Association of Corporate Security,
  • Association of Employers of Slovenia,
  • Slovenian Association of Works Councils,
  • Slovenian Advertising Chamber,
  • Marketing Society of Slovenia,
  • Slovenian Project Management Association, and
  • Slovenian Association of Risk Management and Insurance Management, and other associations and organisations.

International organisations: 

  • European Telecommunications Network Operators’ Association (ETNO),
  • European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI),
  • Broadband Forum,
  • GSM Association,
  • UMTS Forum,
  • Home Gateway Initiative (HGI),
  • RIPE NCC Regional Internet Registries,
  • Union Script, and
  • Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA).

Telekom Slovenije is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and its Association of Informatics and Telecommunications. Other Telekom Slovenije Group companies are members of chambers of commerce and associations in the countries in which they are established.

Telekom Slovenije and other Group companies are involved in the following social, environmental and economic initiatives:

  • the Family-Friendly company certificate,
  • signatories of the European Framework for Safer Mobile Use by Younger Teenagers and Children,
  • United Nations Association of Slovenia for Sustainable Development,
  • support of activities for safer internet use – SAFE.SI (Telekom Slovenije and TSmedia),
  • a code for regulating hate speech on websites ( website), and
  • Sinergija – network of socio-commercial benefit.